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Your Complete Solution for Advanced Machine Integration and Optimization

Conselis offers a comprehensive range of machine integration services, with a focus on tooling, CAD/CAM control, and software and programming optimization.

Precision and Accuracy

Machine integration with CAD/CAM controls provides unmatched precision and accuracy when processing wood. This results in high-quality finished products with minimal margins of error, improving the overall quality of your production.

Efficient Production Planning

By integrating CAD/CAM controls into your machines, you can efficiently plan and manage production processes. This not only optimizes project lead times, but also minimizes downtime, maximizing productivity.

Optimization of Resource Utilization

The integration of CAD/CAM controls enables your machines to use resources more efficiently. By optimizing cutting patterns and minimizing waste, this contributes to cost savings and sustainability within your production process.

Optimal Tooling Assistance

Machine integration with a focus on CAD/CAM controls provides valuable tooling support. By integrating advanced technologies, machines can automatically generate and optimize tooling data, extending tool life and improving the efficiency of the entire manufacturing process. This not only results in more cost-effective tool usage, but also minimizes the risk of errors, which is essential for smooth production and high-quality end products.

Seamless Collaboration between Man and Machine

Integrated systems facilitate cooperation between man and machine. Operating and programming interfaces become more user-friendly, allowing operators to work more effectively and respond quickly to changing conditions.


Investing in machine integration also means investing in the future of your carpentry workshop. It allows you to keep up with technological advances, which is essential in an ever-changing market environment. It makes your business more resilient and ready for tomorrow's challenges.

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Next-Level CNC Programming

Push the boundaries of CNC programming with WoodWOP and B-Suite. These powerful tools offer intuitive interfaces, advanced visualization, and optimized workflows for efficient and accurate CNC programming. From user-friendly CNC control to integrated CAD/CAM functionality, these applications take your CNC programming experience to new heights.


  • Advanced Design and Visualization: IMOS 3D can provide advanced design and visualization capabilities, allowing clients to create detailed and realistic renderings of their projects. This can help make informed decisions in the design process.
  • Efficiency in Manufacturing Processes: By integrating 3D models into manufacturing processes, IMOS 3D can increase efficiency. It optimizes production planning and ensures accurate alignment between design and production.
  • Customization and Personalization: IMOS 3D can enable custom design and production of products. Customers can benefit from customized solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: Facilitating collaboration in a 3D environment can improve communication. IMOS 3D can enable teams to collaborate on designs and make changes in real time.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By streamlining the design and manufacturing process, IMOS 3D can help reduce lead times and costs. Faster design cycles and fewer errors contribute to long-term cost savings.


  • Intuitive Interface: WoodWOP provides a user-friendly interface for CNC programming, making it accessible to users of different levels.
  • Efficient Nesting Tools: The tool optimizes nesting, leading to less material waste and more efficient use of resources.
  • Advanced 3D Visualization: WoodWOP delivers impressive 3D visualization, giving users a realistic view of the machining process and end result.
  • Extensive Library of Operations: With a wide library of standard operations, WoodWOP speeds up programming tasks and improves productivity.
  • Online Support and Community: Users have access to online support and an active community, contributing to continuous learning and knowledge sharing.


  • Integrated CAD/CAM functionality: B-Suite seamlessly combines advanced CAD functions with powerful CAM tools for a streamlined design and manufacturing process.
  • Automatic Toolpath Generation: The tool automates the generation of toolpaths, allowing programmers to work more efficiently and spend less time on manual steps.
  • Simulation of Machining Processes: B-Suite provides comprehensive simulation functions to visualize the entire machining process and identify errors before production begins.
  • Optimization of Cutting Parameters: B-Suite optimizes cutting parameters for maximum efficiency and improved tool durability.
  • Powerful Integration between CAD and CAM: The seamless integration between design and production speeds up workflow and improves the overall efficiency of the CNC programming process.

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Tool optimization within a CNC machine is critical for efficiency and quality in machining processes.

Extended Life of Tools in CNC Machines

  • Wear reduction: Optimization minimizes tool wear, extends tool life.
  • Cost savings: Less frequent tool replacement leads to lower costs.
  • Higher Cutting Speeds: Optimized tools can handle higher cutting speeds, increasing productivity.
  • Fewer Tool Changes: Longer tool life means less frequent tool changes, improving production efficiency.
  • Consistent Precision: Tool optimization ensures consistent precision over an extended period of time.

Improved Tool Performance in CNC Machines

  • Advanced Cutting Technology: Optimization uses advanced cutting technologies for better performance.
  • Automatic Tool Change: Optimized CNC systems can automatically change tools, increasing efficiency.
  • Minimal Vibration Impact: Tool optimization minimizes vibration, improving accuracy.
  • Optimal Chip Removal: Optimized tools ensure efficient chip removal, minimizing disturbances.
  • Faster Machining Times: Improved performance results in shorter processing times, reducing overall project turnaround time.

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